Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jasper's Agility Adventures

We're so happy to share exciting news about Jasper! His wonderful Mom and Dad, Judy and Randy, have been doing a great job with him in Agility and competed in their first trial last weekend!

They're doing awesome, and the fact that Jasper is the first dog they've ever trained is remarkable!

You can see why his registered name is "Kel-Lani's Jumpin' Jasper"

Here's a video of Jasper with Randy at the trial:

and with Judy at training class:

Congratulations Judy and Randy on your wonderful achievements with Jasper! We're thrilled you're having such fun with him and we can see he's thoroughly enjoying it too. Thanks again for the updates, pictures and videos!

(for those following our blog, Jasper is the puppy we nicknamed "PJ"). 

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Adriana said...

Way to go Jasper!! Congratulations! Looks like he is having a blast. Hope to see Jasper in doing agility in real life someday.