Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meet Aimee & Koivu's puppies

Our little darlings posed (sort of) for their photos at 5-1/2 weeks of age! They're becoming even more adorable as they grow up with such wonderful personalities! They also have gorgeous heads & bodies (they all have amazing structure) chunky bone and more fur than you can imagine! 

"Bobby" almost hidden on the far left, then "Teddy", "Sugar" and "PJ"

"Bobby" on the left, and "Sugar"

 Our adorable little girl "Sugar"
After so many boys in the house, we're already spoiling her!

"Teddy" - he's like a little twin of his Mom
Small and compact, he struts around like a wind-up toy!

 "PJ" is the smallest one of the group - small but mighty!
He's the little explorer, always first to jump out of their bed.

 "Bobby" - the first born and Aimee's favorite.
He's also a love-bug and cuddler!