Monday, May 26, 2014

VIDFA Dog Show Weekend

This weekend we went to the Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers show with Mardi, and had a wonderful time despite the fact it was a very soggy and rainy two days.

Mardi and Kathy

We thought it would be fun to get him out for some show experience, as our local training classes were cancelled this Spring - the building where we train is being used by Fox Studios for storing props and cars for the TV series "Gracepoint". Mardi went Reserve Winners Dog both days, and had a great time.

Belmark Kel-Lani's Mardi Gras

Kathy and Adriana did some shopping at the show dog supplies vendor, and we all enjoyed hot fries and poutine from the food truck. It was also nice to meet some other Sheltie exhibitors here on the Island. These are a couple of photos that Adriana took at our grooming tent setup :)  There are also some ringside candid shots of Mardi's first time in the ring that we'll share as soon as the photographer sends them!


Caren Gittleman said...

Mardi is just gorgeous! She looks like she is considerably smaller than Dakota is.

Chris said...

Thanks so much Caren! He's 14 3/4" at the shoulders ... a moderate little guy :)

Adriana said...

Did Kathy and I spend money. Oh yes we did...I can shop anywhere. Such a handsome boy and it was a fun weekend even in the rain.

Chris said...

Thanks a bunch Adriana! You guys didn't spend money - you saved money by buying at the show, and not paying for shipping! LOL