Thursday, March 24, 2011

This Time Last Year (puppy video)

It's looking like Spring has sprung here...the blossoms are all on the plum trees, the bulbs are starting to bloom, the birds are singing, and the grass is in need of a good mowing! Finally we can go outside without our rain boots.

While we're obsessively checking the girls every day for early signs that they're in, no....we mustn't admit that....patiently waiting for our girls to come in, I thought I'd share this little video of Tasha's first puppies at this same time last year!

Buddy, Seren and Shiraz - March 2010

Why is it that time seems to go by so quickly for some things - like how fast these little guys grew up, and other things just seem to take forever? I guess it's really true that patience is a virtue, and when it's in the hands of Mother Nature, all we can do is wait!

So yes, we are planning two litters later this Spring from our girls Tasha and Aimee, and as soon as we have news to share, we'll be sure to post it here! :)

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Amy Wood said...

Cute video! They sure were having a good time. You're right. It seems like it goes by fast when you want to hold onto the moment and slow when you are ready to move forward. I'm looking forward to hearing the news on the two litters as everything develops! :)