Monday, December 13, 2010

Beach Buddy

There's nothing like a day at the beach...running on the sand, watching the waves rolling in - and that's exactly what Buddy did on his trip to Long Beach at Tofino with his family... 

Thanks for the pic Annie!

Located on the farthest west coast of Vancouver Island, Long Beach is known for it's wonderful surfing in the summer and fall, and huge waves in the winter, as it's totally exposed to the Pacific Ocean.

Peter dropped in with Buddy for a quick visit on another trip to the Island. Buddy's grown into such a handsome boy...and still such a little darling with the same bright personality that made us love him so much as a young puppy. He's
about 14 inches now, and is starting to get his adult coat. 

We loved seeing him again, and it was so great when he climbed in our laps and gave us kisses! Can't wait til they visit again :)

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