Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blackberry Buffet

We took the girls out with us while we checked the crop of blackberries for our annual jelly-making pick.

It's the first time Aimee has seen them "on the vine",  though she's been enjoying the odd one as a tasty treat over the summer.

Tasha on the other hand, is an old pro at the delicate task of nibbling the ripe ones off the soft ends while expertly avoiding any thorns.

When she saw Aimee trying to pull some off, she pushed in to show her the ropes... 

"Here's how to do it - you put your head under  the leaves - like this - now just get the one at the very end."

Here's a close-up of her technique...

Yes, that's one in her teeth and blackberry juice splashed on her face.

They had a not-so-ladylike little feast, and spent the rest of the afternoon on a bit of a sugar high!  

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Pennylynn @ Ruffleith said...

funny. All mine like doing the same thing down the raspberry path at my place. too funny